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Medium, Stop Showing Me These Pandas Every Single Day!

  • 2 min read

I’m not a robot and my connection is secure.

In the past, there was a period when Medium loved to check if the site connection was secure.

To prove Medium we’re a trustworthy source, we had to click on busses, cars, trains, and boats.

Luckily, it stopped for a while. From summer to autumn Medium didn’t ask me whether I’m human or not.

Now we have to click on… cute pandas.

I totally get that requests from malicious bots can pose as legitimate traffic and that Medium users will occasionally see this page…


Apparently, Medium has chosen the service captcha to improve our reading experience.

To be honest:

I can’t stand to see those pandas anymore!

I really want to support Medium in reducing malicious traffic, but why asking me all the time whether I’m a bot?


It’s super annoying.

  • I’m in the middle of writing a story…. I see pandas.
  • I want to leave a comment…. I see pandas.
  • I’m scrolling through my feed…. I see pandas.

This needs to stop!

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