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Medium vs. Substack — Which Magic Box Would You Like to Play With

  • 3 min read


Both boxes are super fun in their own way!

Imagine we have two magic boxes: one is called Substack and the other is Medium.

Let’s see what makes each box special!

Substack Box:

  • It’s like a special diary where you write stories just for your close friends.
  • If your friends really like your stories, they can give you some stickers (or candies) as a thank you.
  • You decide which stories to show and to whom. It’s all yours!
  • You also get a secret club of your best story-reader friends.

Medium Box:

  • Think of it as a giant storybook in the school library where many kids write their stories.
  • When other kids like your story, you might get some star points!
  • Lots of kids can read and share stories here, so there’s always something new.
  • You can even chat about stories with other friends by drawing or writing notes in the storybook.

Which box is cooler?

Let’s see:

  • Who owns the toy or story? In the Substack box, you keep all your toys. In the Medium box, you share toys with everyone.
  • Trading cards or candies? Substack lets you collect special trading cards from friends. In Medium, you get candies if many kids like your story.
  • Playgroup: In the Substack box, you have a small playgroup of best friends. But in Medium, it’s a big party with lots of kids sharing stories.
  • Decorating: With Substack, you can color and decorate however you want. Medium gives you special coloring pages to make writing easy.

Thinking Time:

Do you want a special box just for you and close friends? That’s Substack.

Or, do you want a big storybook where lots of kids can read and write? That’s Medium.

Both boxes are super fun in their own way!

Which magic box would you like to play with today? 🌟📦

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