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Medium vs. Substack — Which Subscription Model Is Better For Writers?

  • 2 min read

A review from a Medium Top Writer and successful Substack writer.

Substack enjoys a growing profile in the media industry.

Even Elon Musk is interested in buying the company.

Like Medium, Substack has a subscription model.

Whereas many writers are wondering whether Medium might change its business model and show ads, Substack promises there’ll be no ads, ever:

“Any time you’re doing ads, it’s all about the lowest common denominator of engagement: clicks”, Substack co-founder Best told Digiday

Whereas Medium isn’t sharing an update on its number of subscribers (In 2021, it was 725,000), Substack is gaining more and more paid subscribers.

Now more than 1.5M subscribers pay writers on Substack $5 or $75 per month.

As Tony Stubblebine recently shared, writers all split the same pie of paying subscribers.

On Substack, you get directly supported by your paid subscribers!

I shared a story about a writer who accidentally enabled the paid button and build a newsletter business in minutes!

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