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Medium Will Pay Its Writers More In 2023

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Tony Stubblebine dropped the bombshell. Writers can expect a huge boost in revenue in the near future.

Many good writers struggle to raise their heads above the parapet.

In 2023, everything will change for the better.

Medium writers can expect more views and earnings for good stories.

Medium’s goal is to preserve and reward good writing on Medium to make the readers happy.

Although writing is a labor of love for most writers it would motivate writers, even more, to get good money for that labor.

I’m sure you’re excited to see how Medium’s new “boost system” will work in 2023.

Here’s a sneak peek into Medium’s near future (based on the official statement and Tony Stubblebine’s comments):

Medium will support ALL publications on Medium with boosting access

I always emphasize the power of publications.

That’s why I love to show the success stories of my students or followers who got featured in bigger publications.

You need to know that Medium used to auto-curate stories that got picked by Top Publications such as Mind Cafe.

In summer, Medium called the contracts quits. They killed auto-curation. Many writers miss the curation element.

ALL publications will be tastemakers and get boosting access

On Medium, there are about 13,000 publications. Medium wants to have more (niche) publications on the platform in order to create a healthy ecosystem.

So, in the future, Medium will not only support big publications (as it did in the past) but also small and medium-sized publications.

Tony announced ALL publications will get boosting access.


The scenario:

Publications owners and editors will have boosting access.

Boosting will impact what their followers see and will feed up into a pool that Medium’s curators look at.

Medium wants publications in the role of tastemakers because it takes a subject matter expert to spot an important piece.

Then Medium’s curators are there mainly to keep the system honest.


Let’s say you’ll publish with a publication you love and the choosy editors say:

“Oh, I really like that post. It’s dope. This needs to get boosted and read and seen by more people!”

Then it’s more likely it will get more views and you’ll earn more money because it will get featured on Medium!

Claps and comments will boost your earnings

Medium is a relational platform. It’s all about relationships.

Even if you don’t write a single word and you engage with others, you can win on Medium.

Tony shared there’s an increased weighting of recommendations for stories that people you follow clap for and highlight.


This is what most writers forget when they post and ghost.

Heck, there are even Top Writers who don’t respond although their success is based on the claps and comments of their audience.

So in the near future, if your story isn’t gaining any engagement, your story will be shown to fewer people.

This is similar to the clap system (which most people don’t know about).

The scenario:

Claps (still) really matter!

In the past, people got paid for the number of claps they received. Now, when 10 people clap for a story you get a notification.

The next with 50, 100, and 1,000.

Medium boosts your stories from one milestone to the next based on claps and also shows your stories to the followers of the people who clapped.

Another example:

If I clap for your story, it’s more likely that my followers will be shown your story because Medium’s algorithm thinks it might be interesting for them.

Evergreen content will rule and get boosted over and over again

Super good news for evergreen content creators.

They’ll experience more traffic over time and will get more revenue because Medium will boost them.


What is evergreen content?

As the name implies evergreen content is….

  • continually relevant
  • sustainable
  • stays fresh over a long period of time
  • relevant long past its publication date

Evergreen content has no real expiration date and retains its value long-term.

The scenario:

You have written evergreen stories or you write insightful long form content on a specific topic that shares general and very specific tips and tricks about a specific topic…

… yeah! Once a curator or Medium’s algorithm found your story and labeled it as “evergreen” you’ll see more dollars rolling in! Medium’s algorithm will push your stories.

example of an evergreen post by Kristina God

YES! You’re seeing money coming in every single day!


How-to’s, listicles, tips, and tricks.

Medium’s vision for the future of publications

Medium’s hope is to create a much healthier ecosystem with many publications not just a handful of large ones such as Start it up, Mind Cafe, Towards Data Science, and so on.

Their intent is to reduce the amount of very low-quality content that gets published on this platform by sending fewer page views to them.

I see 2023 as being a great year on Medium

I’m confident that higher standards for content will benefit all of.

Every writer is also a reader who wants to read something of value.

I’m sick of “faceless channels”, “publications that pay $500 per story”, doom and gloom, and “guess how much I made with x views”… you name it.

It’s a win-win.

If we help Medium to attract (and retain) more paying members then there’s more money in the pot for us.

As Tony Stubblebine recently shared, we all split the same pie. So the pie needs to get bigger.

What’s next?

As Medium employee Buster Benson shared:

Oh and another nice upgrade…

I guess Medium will pay us at least something when we attract external traffic. Tony shared in an interview on YouTube that he wants to reward writers who attract external users (and turn them into paying members).

Additionally, I assume Medium will pay us more for referred members since Tony said people who attract new members should get paid more.

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