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Medium Will Pay Publication Editors In 2023

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Good news for anyone with a flourishing publication.

A few hours ago, Medium’s new CEO announced Medium will pay publication editors.

This is super good news for anyone who is working his butt off to pick the best stories, schedule posts, add new writers, and answer questions.

“We want to elevate publications, and not just the big ones, as important curators”, Tony said and added, “The editors of the publications here know so much better than us what is an important read and why.”

Medium will spark an influx of new publications

Within the last past years, more and more small, medium-sized as well as big publications closed their doors.

Today, there are around 13K publications on Medium. In the past, it was more than 20K.

One of the reasons was that Medium’s founder Ev Williams announced last year, he’ll cut the funds for big pubs such as P.S. I Love You and want to help the individual self-published writer more.

In Medium’s “summer of writing” competition, all winners were self-published writers — even the new writer who won the grand prize of $60K (and then disappeared and didn’t engage with the community).

Quo vadis publications?

Stubblebine’s announcement is definitely a positive sign for publication editors and owners such as Bryan Dijkhuizen Robert Ralph Nancy Blackman, MASF Dr Mehmet Yildiz The Sturg Marilyn Glover Andrey Pilipets Linda Locke Megan Llorente Jonathan Townend, RMN

I love that not only the big publications will get rewarded as in the past but also the smaller ones.

I really hope that all quality publications (no matter how small they are) will get rewarded.

What do you think?

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