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Medium Will Withhold 30% Of Your Earnings If You Don’t

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… fill in your tax form correctly.

Recently, I was talking with Frank Larkin about filling in the tax form correctly in order to get rewarded.

In your dashboard in the section ‘Medium Partner Program,’ you find the documents.

screnshot by Kristina God

I’m not a tax expert but Daryl Bruce shows you here step by step what form to fill in and which info you need to give.

For instance, there are different tax rates depending on the country you're based in. Germany has o%. But in France writers have to pay 10%.

Did you know? If you don't fill the tax forms out correctly Medium will withhold 30% of your earnings and you will get a 30% tax!

That’s very important. In my first months, I didn’t update the tax document correctly and therefore ‘lost’ a lot of money.

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