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Medium Writers, Friday the 13th Is Your LUCKY day… ⁣

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Get a VIP coaching with yours truly.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

Some say it’s a scary day.

So, today I thought to myself:

Why not flipping the script and making this Friday a LUCKY day for you.🍀

Have a question? Well, that’s what I’m here for.

  • You’re a new writer and you have a specific question?
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and just need some guidance?
  • You’ve heard that publishing on weekends isn’t good?
  • Your views are down?

I’d like to save you some time and help you.

It’s the first time I’m offering a VIP coaching via email through my Kofi-Shop.

How to become a VIPer?

  • Buy me a Ko-fi today or on Friday the 13th and you’ll get personal coaching via email. Click here!
  • ✅Just send me an email at once you’ve bought me a coffee and ask me anything.

🍀Click here to visit my official Kofi-page.🍀


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