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Medium Writers Let’s Collaborate on Substack

  • 2 min read

I created a spreadsheet so we can recommend each other and connect.

Every day I meet someone on Substack who knows me from Medium.

Well, I’ve been writing here for three years now.

In autumn 2022 I decided to spread my wings and start writing on Substack.


To grow my email list and to add a new income stream to my 5 figure (part-time) online business.

A few days ago, I shared the power of Substack’s recommendation feature and this post is trending on Substack’s network.

I got lots of new subscribers and also turned on the paid button. My paid subscribers now get a special experience.

With the newsletter comes my “Substack School” where I’ll teach everything I learn while building my business.

I know many writers struggle and I want to help them.

One thing I can do for you right now is… help you to find people to collaborate with!

Just add your publication to the list:

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