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Medium Writers, Who Is On TikTok?

  • 1 min read

Join me and one of my students.

Some say YouTube is dead because of TikTok.

I can tell you: it’s not dead at all.

My hubby Patrick God is growing really fast with his long from videos — from 1,000 to 30,000 subs just within 12 months.

Since I love short videos I’ve decided to join him in creating video content… on TikTok!

Check this out:

Kristina God TikTok

…and here’s another one from my student CARMEN F MICSA, MA in English, podcaster who is really rocking it.

She also hosts her own podcast together with her daughter.

Check out her channel:

Carmen Micsa TikTok

I’m wondering who else is on TikTok.

Are you on the buzzy and promising platform?

If so please make sure to connect with me, I'd love to follow you.

You’re on the fence?

Always keep my mantra in mind:

Start before you’re ready!


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