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Medium’s Best Short Form Publication Welcomes New Writers

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Get to know Medium’s best short form publication to get started and 3 more to become a writer for in 2023.

For me, Medium’s publications set the platform apart most significantly from other blogging platforms such as Vocal or NewsBreak.

When you’re just starting, it’s important to choose the right publication.

Few beginners are aware of the impact the right publication might have on their writing career.

Would you like to know the key to success on Medium when you’re a beginner?

“Avoid focusing on the big publications first. Start off tiny!“

Try not to create (boring) three-minute stories Instead, write concise articles!

Based on the questions I received in regard to my latest story about the impact of short form writing “Guess What Medium Paid Me For 150 Words”, I’d like to show you 4 well-established short form publications that welcome new authors.

In addition, I want to introduce to you the best short form publication on this platform which just got another owner.

1 — The Shortform

The Shortform on Medium

First and foremost.

Let us begin this post with my favorite short form publication, “The Shortform.” If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard me referred to as “Short Form Queen” or “Short Form Goddess.”


On daily basis, I publish short form stories.

I still remember the day when The Shortform’s founder Tom F. asked me to join his publication in the winter of 2020.

I had just started my online writing journey on Medium at the time.

So to speak, I was a writer from the start.

I even assisted Tom as an editor for a short time.

I participated in the 10-Day Writing Sprint with my writing students. A 30-Day Writing Sprint is also available to keep the writing hula hoop spinning.

What you need to know about The Shortform

Fast forward to today, this publication has 5K followers.

Editors are Christina Judy Walker Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, and Nancy Blackman, MASF.

Drum roll, please…. Jonathan Townend, RMN is the new owner of my beloved publication. He began as an editor, and Nancy now hands over the reins.

“As I have mentioned in other places, owning a publication is a huge labor of love because there is more behind-the-scenes work than most writers realize”, Nancy shared in her official statement.

Dear Jonathan, Congratulations on your new position!

We know and love you as an understanding editor. We’re overjoyed to see you as the one who holds everything together.

Become a writer today by clicking here.

2 — The Brain is a Noodle

The Brain is a Noodle on Medium

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) owns the publication “The Brain is a Noodle” with 1K followers.

It’s “a place for all things bite-sized! A collection of poetry and short form pieces!

It offers daily writing prompts and monthly essay prompts.

Additionally, Lucy offers a Book Club for avid readers.

Become a writer today by going here.

3 — The Daily Cuppa

The Daily Cuppa on Medium

This place is perfect for you if you love to write about “plants and people, wild animals and pets, gardens and food, how-to, and how-not-to — written to inform and delight” and humor.

Katie Michaelson owns “The Daily Cuppa” with 5K followers.

Her editorial team consists of Adrienne Parkhurst Julie Gaeta Barb Dalton and many more.

Become a writer by clicking here.



I’ve always enjoyed publishing with ILLUMINATION because it allows you to write about whatever you want.

ILLUMINATION is with 67K followers one of Medium’s top 10 publications, curating and disseminating “outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.”

It’s one of Medium’s fastest-growing publications.
Why is this so?

Dr Mehmet Yildiz is super smart. He’s promoting the content of his publishers and onboarded 30 editors to make sure the publication’s engine keeps going.

Editors are for instance Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles (also an editor for The Shortform), and Dr. Preeti Singh. Both are from India which is a non-Stripe country. Hopefully, they’ll get paid as soon as Medium’s new system pays editors and publication owners.

To become a writer, check out this site here.

Final Takeaways

Dear new writers, don’t try to reach a certain text length corresponding to a standard that isn’t a standard.

Don’t try to reach for the big pubs first, get rejected, and be frustrated. Instead, start small and feel inspired.

Practice the art of short form writing.

Follow my lead and become a writer in one or all 4 of the above-mentioned publications.

Oh, and with a little practice, you can earn good money with short form too.

Here’s my trending story on how much I made with 150 words:

P.S. This story is so good. It was even plagiarized!

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