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Medium’s Embed Feature Doesn’t Work Anymore

  • 1 min read

If you want to embed a YouTube video or watch a YouTube video via Medium, it’s not possible.

Today, I finally (!) published my latest interview with Robin Wilding 💎 after a loooooong break (in the online world, 2 weeks).

When I started typing my short form post to announce the interview and wanted to embed the YouTube video I figured that Medium’s embed features don’t work anymore.

🚨A few weeks back I already learned this when using the app. I could still see the thumbnail but not watch the video.

🚨Today, when using the desktop version I found out that it only shows a grey box instead of a thumbnail and I can’t watch the video.

Medium seems to use

It says the site may be temporarily down or moved to another web address.

Checked the site, and it’s still up and running.

Want to watch my latest YouTube interview?

Watch my interview about Medium’s current state, by clicking this link:… or going here.


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