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Medium’s Latest Changes Might Be A Calling Card

  • 1 min read

Give it a shot!

I know a lot of writers are frustrated right now.

Views are at an all-time low.

Earnings dropped.

A lot of speculation and misinformation floods the platform.

Quo vadis Medium?

We don’t know.

We don't know what “quality content” is for Medium.

We don’t know what exactly a “subject matter expert” is.

Many don’t feel they are qualified to write here. They are “quiet quitting” Medium.

That’s pretty sad because we need to know where this platform is heading.

So here’s one question:

“What if these frustrating new little changes are a calling card from the creator universe to not put all eggs in one basket?”

Stay here but invest 20% of your time and energy in one more platform — for instance Substack as I did.

Best of two worlds, not all eggs in one basket.

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