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Medium’s Mistake Was Thinking That Journalism Was Where The Platform Was Going To Shine

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So Medium laid off 75 employees.

Medium started in 2021 with 700,000 paid subscribers and $35 million in revenue.

Medium was on track.

Silicon Valley reporter Casey Newton explains in an article that “…by some measures Medium was succeeding.”

Then, only a few months later, Ev Williams laid off 75 employees from his editorial team.

Tony Stubblebine explains:

“…the mistake was thinking that journalism was where Medium was going to shine.”

Medium’s journalists weren’t leading subscribers. It was random stories written by indie writers, not professionals.

Indie writers were the key drivers for referrals!

What was their key to success?

They got featured by the Google or Facebook algorithms and drove traffic and new members to the site.

That’s one of the reasons why Medium laid off the editorial team and started focusing on indie writers.


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