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Medium’s New About Me Page For Writers Is Freaking Awesome (With Examples)

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This upgrade allows you to show your work and share your memoirs.

An About Me is really crucial.

It can affect the views, reads, claps, comments, and your earnings.

Introducing yourself on Medium is essential to show who you are, your credibility, and why you writing on this platform.


Because you want your readers to fall in love with you and your writing. To build an emotional connection.

The moment they do, they will follow you and you’ll reach 100 followers (and can start earning money) and more.

In marketing words (I’m a marketer with over 15+ years of experience, I know some things) you want to build your own personal brand.

Meaning, you want to communicate and present your value to the world.

Since Valentine’s Day, you can publish your momoirs on this site.

On your profile page, you can use your Bio as well as your About to share a bit about yourself.

In the past, you were limited to 160 characters in your About.

Since Valentine’s Day, you can even publish your momoirs on this site.

Yes, the text field seems to be endless.

I used some Lorem Ipsum dummy text and… here’s the proof:

Okay, I’m only joking.

Since I love to keep my writing short and sweet without fluff, I’m not the type of person who would offer her memoirs here.

But I know for instance Charisse Tyson.

She published her memoirs on Amazon and could share an excerpt here.

How to Pimp Your About Me

As Valentine’s surprise Medium allows us now to:

  • customize our About Me page and share what’s important to us with the world — the text field is so long, you could even share parts of your memoirs.
  • use in-text links — to promote for instance email subscriptions or referral memberships
  • add links to send readers to your socials (Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora…) as well as to your novels and books on amazon or audible, your podcast, and online courses etc.

Hint: You can also connect your Twitter or Facebook account directly to Medium:

  • From your Settings chose Connections
  • Connect Medium to Twitter and/or Facebook

Benefit: You can share your stories directly via your socials.

Then it looks like this at the bottom of your About.

Examples On How To Elevate Your Personal Brand On Medium

Your personal brand revolves around what you say about yourself and how you promote yourself.

You want to build an emotional connection with your audience.

New Writer Paola

The simple and welcome change has inspired new writer Paola Faben Oliveira to pimp her About:

I loved to create my about page. It’s great to have a place to present ourselves, our work, and even our dog (spoiler: I did it!).

PS: Here’s Paola’s dog

More experienced writer Celine

Celine Lai pimped her About like this:

If you want to pimp your About right now, do this in 2 easy steps:

  1. Click on your avatar in the bottom left of your screen and in the pop-up menu click Settings.

2. On your profile page, click Profile, then Edit your About page.

Final Takeaways

Medium’s new About page is a simple and welcome upgrade for writers.

Especially when you want to kickstart your writing on Medium I highly recommend pimping your profile.

This way you can attract more readers, followers, fans, engagement, claps, comments and people will fall in love with you and your writing.

A nice Valentine’s gift from Medium, isn’t it?

© Kristina God

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