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Medium’s New CEO Didn’t Get Fired In His First Board Meeting

  • 2 min read

Is there any other measure of success? lol

The other day, I came across this tweet by Tony Stubblebine, in which Medium’s second CEO in the history of the publishing site deadpanned😂:

The board meeting was with Medium’s Chairman and founder Ev Williams who still has the reins in his hands behind the scenes.

For instance, Ev can fire Tony and hire a new CEO for his company.

I have to admit Tony has been really funny lately.

When he got interviewed by a Silicon Valley journalist Casey Newton he was funny, too.

When Casey asked what we should expect from Medium over the next few quarters, he joked:

“I’m hoping to pivot every three months.”

I’d add… “as Ev used to”. haha. 😂

Medium has a long history of business pivots.

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