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Medium’s New Feed Still Doesn’t Do What It’s Supposed To

  • 1 min read

But why is it so hard?

Recently, Tony Stubblebine announced the new “true follow feed”.

This “true” feed came with a catch.

Our favorite writers’ avatars were gone from one moment to the next.

This was a pity for so many writers.

Tony said only a few people would have used it. It wouldn’t have made sense to keep it.

I wonder why Instagram, TikTok, Vocal, and Co. still show you the faces of the people you love and follow and why Medium doesn’t.

From a marketing and branding perspective, this doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyways… so what about the feed that should show only the people we follow, want to read, and show posts chronologically?

Medium can’t check any of these boxes.

There’s no newest to oldest list!

I wonder, why is this so hard?

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