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Medium’s New Topic Directory — Unlock the Treasure Trove of Medium Topics

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A new map of Medium with over 500 organized topics on a single page.

As a platform boasting an immense variety of content, Medium can sometimes feel like a labyrinth of ideas and stories.

To make it easier for readers to navigate and explore the depth and breadth of content available, Medium has launched a brand-new topic directory.

In this story, I will delve into the exciting features of this new page and show you how to make the most of it.

Discovering the New Topic Directory

The new topic directory is designed to help users explore and dive deep into over 500 organized topics on a single page.

You can’t believe it?

See it for yourself.

This is Medium’s new Explore Topics page:

screenshot: This is Medium’s new Explore Topics page

Curious about what you Might Find?

Expect a diverse mix of well-known topics that are eligible for Top Writer status, from #Writing and #Life to #Self Improvement and beyond.

There are very specific subcategories ranging from #Deep Learning, #Creative Nonfiction to #Marriage, #Transcendental Meditation, and #Elder Care.

It’s a treasure trove of all kinds of Medium topics.

Let me show you #Writing Tips:

screenshot: #Writing Tips

Each of the links will show you the trending, latest, and best (most read stories) in that topic.

Plus, Top Writers in that topic, and related topics.

You can also visit the archive under the Top 5 writers in this category and go back in time and see what was trending/most read a few years back.

You’ll be Discoverable in your Niche

You don’t have to be a Top Writer in one of Medium’s 70+ categories to get discovered.

With this new feature, you can also get discovered in your niche.

When you’re an unofficial Top Writer on a specific topic, people will find you.

That’s awesome and new!

Get personalized Recommendations

Medium’s new directory not only allows you to browse through a plethora of topics, but it also offers personalized recommendations based on your interests and reading habits.

This is what Medium shows me:

screenshot: explore topics
  • Zulie Rane’s Writing challenge is from 2021…
  • I know about Better Humans but that recommendation is okay.
  • #Writehere is also a thing of the past. Amy Shearn who was responsible for those weekly Medium writing prompts was laid off last summer.

So the personalized recommendation feature doesn’t work so (for me) so well at the moment.

I guess it’s a Beta version and Medium will be collecting our feedback and training the algorithm to show me and you better recommendations.

Medium’s Approach to Topic Selection

With thousands of topics on Medium and new ones emerging daily, the platform’s directory is not exhaustive.

The initial list of topics has been chosen based on the depth of content, diversity of topics, and strong communities.

I knew Change would be Coming to Medium


A few months back, I read a post by Buster Benson (a new Medium employee since summer 2022) called “A Big Linky Map of Medium”.

In this post, he shared a new map and asked his followers to add topics:

photo credit: Buster Benson Medium

Help Shape the Future of Medium’s Topic Directory

The topic directory is designed to be an ever-evolving map.

It’s adapting to the interests of readers.

If you’d like to see a topic that isn’t currently featured, feel free to leave a comment for Breana Jones and the team, and Medium will consider it for the next version of the directory.

How to access Medium’s new Treasure Trove?

To uncover the subjects that matter most to you, you can access the topic directory by going here and asking Medium to add the topic of your interest.

Bottom Line

Medium’s new topic directory is an exciting development that promises to enhance the user experience.

For sure, Medium has to work on the categories and subcategories… but trust the process.

In my view, as a one-stop page, it’s making it easier to discover, explore, and engage with the vast world of content on the platform and it helps new writers get some guidance.

So, dive in, find a new corner of Medium, discover an inspiring writer to follow, or learn something entirely unexpected by clicking on a topic you’re interested in — for instance, #Dating if you love personal stories about finding love.

Embrace the adventure of exploring Medium’s treasure trove of exciting and inspiring ideas and stories.

What do you think about this new treasure trove of topics? Are your favorite topics covered?

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