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Medium’s One-Time Engagement Bonus And How To Get It

  • 1 min read

You could be one of the lucky ones who are eligible to earn an extra $$$ bonus.

If you have heard of Medium’s new audio feature, raise your hand!


If you’re seeing the play button at the top of stories, raise your hand!



So when you can say…


to both, I have exciting news for you.

🤑 You’re eligible to earn a one-time engagement bonus!

How will Medium’s new and incredible audio feature affect my earnings?

  • Medium will factor listen time into the payout calculations.
  • Stories have to be behind Medium’s paywall.
  • Eligible writers will see a positive adjustment in their earnings after the end of the month. It’s a one-time engagement bonus.

It’s an experiment.

Unfortunately, the new audio initiative is currently only available to a portion of Medium website readers.

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