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Medium’s Scheduling Tool

  • 2 min read

One of the most overlooked but very useful features.

If you try to post through submission, there is no control over when the post comes out.

Nevertheless, if you are posting directly from your own account you can schedule the exact date and time of your post! That’s amazing, isn’t it? I didn’t know about this feature for an insanely long time.

3 steps to use Medium’s Scheduling Tool

  1. When you have a draft you want to publish click the green ‘Publish’ button.
Click the ‘Publish’ button; screenshot by Kristina God

2. Click ‘Schedule for later’.

Click ‘Schedule for later’; screenshot by Kristina God

3. Schedule a specific time and date to publish your post and click on the green button ‘Schedule to publish and send’.

Schedule a time to publish; screenshot by Kristina God

By looking in your personal story drafts/your publication’s stories section you can verify that your post is scheduled.

Finally, your story will be published automatically within five minutes of the specified time.


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