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Medium’s Traffic Has Increased Since Tony Stubblebine Became Medium’s New CEO

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Here’s the proof.

Since late 2020, Medium hasn’t had the best time.

Website traffic and overall reach decreased.

Hundreds of publications closed.

Lots of talented writers left the platform.

In July 2022, Medium’s founder Ev Williams stepped down and handed over the reins to Coach Tony.

“Tony Stubblebine is one of us. He’s a writer.,” many wrote

Tony Stubblebine is one of Medium’s biggest fans.

He owns three publications — Better Marketing, Better Programming, and Better Humans. All of them belong to the Top 10 publications on Medium.

Whereas Ev only shared posts from time to time, Tony has been consistently sharing his thoughts in posts.

So it was no wonder that Stubblebine Tony Stubblebine said that he was “doubling down” on supporting… writers.

A few days ago, Tony shared that Medium will support writers by…

“We want boosting to lead to bigger rewards and bigger hits. That means more money and more page views for authors.”

Medium’s traffic increased over the last past three months

The cherry on the cake is that Medium’s traffic has increased over the last past months:


This is super good news for all writers on this platform!

As Tony stated:

“I can tell you that revenue and visitor traffic is up since I joined.”

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