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Meet One of Medium’s Official Boost Curators

  • 1 min read

He can press the Boost button!

If a story is chosen for a Boost, it gets at least 500 additional views.

In many cases, Boosted stories can get thousands or tens of thousands of views.

At the moment, there are 15 Medium publications that are testing the Boost button and are having a major say in what gets boosted.

Medium’s CEO Tony Stubblebine didn't share the names of the publications and their editors, but Detective Kristina God found an official Boost Curator.

Well, he outed himself in the comments of one of my stories 🙂 haha

Apparently, he wanted to be found.

He’s a Top Writer in #Writing on Medium, with over 13 million views on his 500+ articles and 37K followers.

His name is Thomas Smith and he has been writing on Medium since 2019.

Want to write for Thomas's Boost-eligible publication? Find all the details in the story below:

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