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Meet the Writer Who Will Soon Have More Followers on Medium Than Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday

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Yes, the New York Times bestselling author, Ryan Holiday.

She’s catching up on Ryan Holiday.

Yes, the New York Times bestselling author, Ryan Holiday.

What’s her secret to getting from zero to 180,000 followers on Medium

Anne Bonfert is not a professional writer.

She’s a teacher, adventure enthusiast, nature lover, and fell in love with the African continent.

She’s a travel blogger, a photographer, and get this, a skydiving instructor.

As the most followed non-native Medium writer, she’s living proof that if you connect with your audience on a real level and write from the heart, the sky is the limit, quite literally in Anne’s case.

She has a circle of friends on Medium and Medium recommends her often. Plus, she has Boosted more than 15 times so far.

Want to build an engaged audience from the ground up and rockin' it on Medium?

Let’s learn from Anne in my latest YouTube video:

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