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Memories Of Those Happy Days On Vacation

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… and a sweet lullaby.

An idyllic lake and a sweet lullaby. That’s the perfect combination for a short break.

There’s a German song called ‘La Le Lu’ I sing to my baby. I even sing it as a duet with my husband.

Since my own childhood, I’ve known the lyrics by heart.


Only the man in the moon watches

If the little babies are sleeping

Thus, sleep you, too.’

Hundreds of times, I sang this song during our first family vacation at an idyllic lake with a wonderful view of the Alps. The scent of fresh mountain air in the nose. Lush meadows and happy cows.

And us circling the lake with the stroller. Joggers smiled when they heard us singing.

When I sing the lullaby, it always brings back memories of those happy days on vacation.

Here’s my sweet memory👇🏻👶🏻👱🏻‍♀️ 👱🏻:

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