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Merry Christmas, Dear Medium Writers and Readers!

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Big love from my screen to yours.

In our cozy home this Christmas Eve, Family and joy, we all achieve. With toddler’s glee and laughter loud, Dear God, our house feels so proud.

The tree adorned with lights and star and gifts piled high, both near and far. Our little one, with eyes so bright, Wants to open all, with sheer delight.

Grandma’s dog, in festive cheer, Barks for a bone, year after year. In the kitchen, the goose sizzles and hisses, While my husband perfects culinary wishes.

I play Santa, with ribbons and bows, Wrapping gifts in secrecy, as excitement grows. The baby, amidst this holiday scene, Cries or poops, but love’s routine.

Our home, a haven of laughter and chatter, Filled with love, that’s all that matter. Though the baby’s cries echo in the hall, Gratitude and love envelop us all.

As I place the last gift, with care beneath the tree, I pause, reflect on our family’s glee. Though chaos reigns in our joyful home, In our hearts, love has freely roamed.

So here we stand, in holiday light, Embracing each moment, so warm and bright. With toddler’s laughter and baby’s coo, This Christmas, our love feels ever so true.

(This poem was inspired by Jan M Flynn.)

Wishing you a festive holiday season with your loved ones, Medium writers and readers!

photo credit: Kristina God, my toddler enjoying the first snow of the season on the West Coast

Thanks for being part of this lovely Medium community and writer family.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Take care.
Big love from my screen to yours,


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