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Meta Is Shutting Down Its Newsletter Service Bulletin

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What it tells creators about the future of paid newsletters.

Malcolm Gladwell and Mitch Albom are superstars. People love their stories and are willing to pay for them.

They are featured writers of Facebook’s newsletter product Bulletin.

Unfortunately, Facebook winds down its newsletter service in early 2023.

You might wonder:

What does this tell us about the future of (paid) newsletters?

It can definitely be an indicator that the paid email newsletters bubble will be popping.

Substack has cut back on advances to writers and The Atlantic is also rethinking its newsletter deals with writers.

How can you get people to pay for your newsletter?

Ben Thompson who owns a media and tech publication called Stratechery has the answer:

“If you’re going to ask people to pay for a newsletter, it has to be something they’re not getting anywhere else.”

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