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Mind Cafe Is on a Semi-Hiatus

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You didn’t get any feedback? It’s not your fault.

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t heard back from Mind Cafe, one of Medium’s biggest publications for all things self-improvement mindfulness, contentment, and happiness in life.

I’ve also heard from other writers that they haven’t heard back — not even a rejection letter.

So I put on my detective hat and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together for you and me.

Mind Cafe’s team isn't anymore what it used to be

As many of you know, the owner of Mind Cafe is Adrian Drew.

He’s still overseeing everything but…

…in the past, he used to have a (paid) team for his publication. Some of you might remember Reed, Jordan Gross, or Jon Hawkins.

Those days are gone.

“A lot has changed since then, and the resources we once had are no longer available”, Adrian shared in his latest official statement.

No partnership with Medium anymore

Mind Cafe used to be an official partner of Medium.

Last summer, this partnership with Medium came to an end.

In the absence of Medium’s partnerships and funding, many publications such as P.S. I Love You or The Ascent decided to leave the platform.

Adrian shares about the current situation:

“We’re still doing our best to keep things running, which is no small feat. But we do it for you. And we don’t make a penny.”

Bryan is the official Submission Manager

A few months back, Bryan Dijkhuizen asked me to do him a favor and share with my audience that he’s the new Submission Manager of Mind Cafe.

Writing students and friends such as Carmen Micsa, MA in English, podcaster were wondering what was going on with Mind Cafe because they didn’t get any feedback and the submission form wasn’t working.

Since Bryan took on this new role, a lot has changed for the better.

Submission Manager is an important role for Bryan. He’s at the helm of the entire submission management process.

So one more time: Congrats on your new role, Bryan!

However, Bryan is just one person who’s dealing with all things editing.

The submission box is temporarily closed

Mind Cafe is on a semi-hiatus.

At present, submissions are temporarily closed although they used to be open for years.

New writers that aren’t currently in the bank of publishers and haven't been accepted into Mind Cafe yet, have to wait and see.

Existing Mind Cafe authors can continue to send new pitches in.

Yesterday, Bryan made the time to go through all submissions and publish some of them. Mine too.

The Submission Box will reopen within the next months

Good news!

Once Adrian and Bryan got all their ducks in a row, they’ll open Mind Cafe for new writers again!

“The door will open again soon, I can assure you, and we’ll welcome many hundreds of you with open arms.” Adrian Drew

I’ll keep you posted.

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