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MSCHF’s Big Red Boots — Mega-Trend or Funny Gag?

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Many wonder whether these bright red, oversized boots are a trend or a joke that should not be taken seriously.

A mega-trend has started rolling on the internet: the “Big Red Boots”.

These are giant boots by the designer MSCHF.

They are smooth, bright red, oversized, and round like a balloon.

Visually they remind one of large smurf shoes or even clown boots.

However, it’s a “high-fashion pair” you could wear on the catwalk.

Is designer MSCHF going a step too far?

Many wonder:

“Are we dealing with a real trend here? Or is it a funny gag that is not to be taken seriously?”

“Cartoon boots for a cool 3D world,” the press release for the shoes described them.

website Mschf

Quite honestly, the bright red boots look like they’re from another galaxy, almost cartoonish.

But they are meant to do just that: stand out!

And they have already achieved this goal with ease… they are already sold out. Within seconds they became a viral sensation.

Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Coi Leray were seen with the futuristic boots too.

Ciara with red boots
Ciara on Instagram

“They went on sale at 11 a.m. for $350 a pair and were all gone in seconds”, FOX shared.

MSCHF knows how to stand out

The unusual shoe is not the first drop by the label MSCHF to cause a stir.

Shoes like the “Satan shoe” also caused laughter or fashionable frowns.

MSCHF is a Brooklyn-based art collective that is known for some wild product designs.

They create fashion trends that come unexpectedly.

Even the “New York Times” reported about it.

The top-tier media compares the trendy shoe to clown noses or a Babybel cheese (the cheese in red) smooth wax.

The cause of all evil: wellies are back in fashion

Behind the hype is a trend that has been emerging for some time: Wellies are back!

The boots our children use to trudge through mud and puddles are now a fashion item for fashionistas.

And the color red in particular is way out in front.

Fashion is an art and a way to spread a message

Although buyers report that the boots aren’t comfortable and rather difficult to put on and take off, the boots are still a mega trend.


First of all, they attract attention in this attention-grabbing (content creation) world.

Second, the artistic shoe looks awesome in pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or a magazine cover.

Third, the world is talking about these boots. There has never been anything like it.

Fourth, MSCHF manages to fuse digital futurism with cartoon and implement it in reality.

Last but not least, the world of fashion is colorful, versatile, and diverse — and often just plain weird. The “Big Red Boots” fit perfectly into this universe.

Oh and even men wear them:

screenshot Steve Natto/ YouTube

Key Message: The red boots really stand out from the crowd. The question is: would you wear the trend yourself or sit this trend out? Since I live on the coast I wear wellies almost every day. Mine are blue… but maybe I’ll also buy a pair in red! haha

Since I live on the coast I wear wellies almost every day.
Photo 62806329 © Clare Jackson |

Would you wear the smooth, bright red, oversized, and round balloon boots yourself?

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