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Can’t get on with my day without it!

There’s no better reward than when your child gets big enough to bring you your coffee in the morning and even sets the coffee maker up in the evening. But we have a baby at home… work in progress.

For my husband, drinking coffee first thing in the morning is self-love. He says, as a father, you live in a permanent crunch time. The experience of drinking a heavenly-quality coffee while it’s hot is THE experience☕.

Yes, a huge caffeine-boost can be a real life-saver for half-awake parents. Oftentimes my husband finds himself eating nothing till lunch. Therefore, he has to put at least something into his emaciated body.

It’s the little things that make a big difference in our ability to cope with the daily crazy family-funk🤪.

I think I’ll go make another one☕.

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