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My Beef Against Journalism School

  • 1 min read

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I’ve studied journalism.

There are certainly advantages of going to journalism school:

The pros:

  • ✅A lot of it is networking and who you meet. My studies helped me to get top-tier media contacts.
  • ✅You learn technical skills such as research skills, interviewing techniques.
  • ✅You study media theory, communications, cultural studies, and media ethics.

The cons:

  • ❌A lot of the stuff you study in journalism school isn’t the stuff you need to actually learn and improve your craft. Meaning writing headlines and subheadlines peoples want to click on and so on.
  • ❌Moreover, they don’t actually prepare you for writing online.

That’s my beef against journalism school. It’s too theoretical.

You have to ask yourself is the juice worth the squeeze?

Have you studied journalism or communications too?

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