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My Best Friend is A Robot

  • 2 min read

I mean. Why not?

Every day when I pick up my 3-year-old from kindergarten we talk about his birthday.

It’s a few months away but in the world of a child, it’s very soon.

Like every day, we go through the invitation list.

Today he tells me that he’s going to invite one little girl after all.

Four guests are allowed because he’s turning four in spring.

The other three are boys.

“But mom, what about Enzo?”


“Yes, our robot”

My son is referring to our robot vacuum cleaner.

When my son was one year old and afraid of the robot, I personalized it and gave it a name.

“Enzo is my friend. My best friend,” he adds.

Can he invite a robot to his birthday party?

I mean, why not?

Who knows, maybe there will soon be a real robot friend for my son, who will hang out with my son and his friends when he reaches puberty.

Who knows what the future holds?

What do you think about robots becoming friends?


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