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My First Story In Medium’s Top Publication Better Marketing

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One of Tony Stubblebine’s “Betters”

In 2013, Tony Stubblebine cooperated with Medium and started the publication Better Humans (338K followers) and later its sister pubs Better Programming (207K) and Better Marketing(120K).

  • All three publications belong to the TOP 10 publications in 2022.
  • Better Humans is “the fasted growing pub that’s ever been here”. It went from “zero to 5 million views in 6 months”, says Tony.
  • More than 1% of Medium traffic goes through Better Humans and the sister publications.

I got rejected

After I got rejected a few months back with a story that went viral later, I published my first piece with “Better Marketing”.


Because I walk the talk.

Constantly, I recommend getting published in bigger publications to get distributed BEYOND your following.

Plus, showing your expertise (I’m a Marketing Professional).

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