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My Heart Is Itching For A Fresh And Different Life

  • 2 min read

and I’m jumping outta my skin excited!

When I caught Covid this time last year, I knew it was time to let go…

… of our big apartment and start living a minimalistic life on a German island.

In order to create a new possibility, we had to be willing to let go of what we had.

We’re thankful that the world turning upside down created an opening for us to take a leap of faith and move here.

For well over six months, that small apartment we found in the German Hamptons served us well.

But now my heart is itching again for a fresh and different space on the island.

Although it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find a free apartment for lease on this island… we finally found one!

I’m jumping outta my skin excited.

Did the pandemic also triggered change in your life?


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