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My Husband Hasn’t Organized Anything For Mother’s Day and That’s Totally Fine

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Embracing an expectation-free Mother’s Day

It’s THE day of the year for celebrating motherhood.

Some even say it’s a holiday.

I don’t really think so.

My mother arrived a few hours ago on our island.

So, I already reserved a table for us where we can eat pancakes tomorrow morning with my husband and my toddler.

That’s nice.

Since we’re pretty busy at the moment with finding a new home my hubby didn’t have the time to organize anything.

And that’s totally fine for me. I feel appreciated.

We celebrate Mother’s Day throughout the whole year.

I collect all those natural, sweet little moments of joy in my heart.


  • we have a family beach day.
  • I have my feet in the sand or the ocean for a few minutes.
  • my hubby cooks for us.
  • my toddler grabs my hand or tackles me with an unsolicited hug.

All those sweet little moments make me happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Medium Moms!

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