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My Knife-To-The-Heart-Moment As A Writer

  • 2 min read

It’s a notification you dread seeing. It’s an awkward moment.

2 people have unsubscribed from your list.

…*knife to the heart*


You work so dang hard to get readers ON your list, it really hurts to watch them go.

Still, do you know what’s worse?

The so-called soft unsubscribe.

This is when a subscriber has most likely created a filter in their inbox that sends your emails to a dusty folder.

To all my subscribers, I don’t want you to unsubscribe to my list, but if you can relate… well, then I can’t offer you anything of value and I have to let you go.

To all 200+ who find my emails helpful:

my goal is to have a strong, healthy relationship with you.

So please, feel free to reply to my emails and give me feedback!

With writing love,


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