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My Secret To Building A Writing Habit

  • 2 min read

is insanely easy to steal

In July I had a 30 Day Writing Challenge going on — although I was on holiday with my family.

You may wonder:

What’s her secret? She managed to write 30 stories AND relaxed at the beach? That’s insane.

Yes, it’s insanely easy.

New habits should feel easy. Rather than writing 30 long form articles with 3 to 5 mins read, I started with a short form post per day.

Rather than trying to write for 3 hours per day, I started to write for 15 minutes.

My secret: Make your behavior as easy as possible to get it done. Start to build a small but consistent writing habit.

Since our motivation ebbs and flows our writing habits should feel easy. Maybe even so easy that you don’t need the motivation to do it.

Online Writing made easy:

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