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My Three-And-A-Half-Year-Old Toddler Has Recently Developed a Rather Unique Hobby: Burping

  • 2 min read

Not just any burps, but what we jokingly call his “burp concerts.”

My baby is a toddler now.

A three-year-old Tasmanian devil from Looney Toons.

As we navigate this terrible toddler phase, my hubby and I are learning to embrace the unexpected and find humor in little moments.

Also in my boy’s “burb concerts”.

These performances are not limited to the confines of our home — they’ve graced the dining table, restaurants, and even when we have special guests.

In my latest blog post for the Boost-eligible Medium publication “Frazzled” I dive into the amusing, sometimes embarrassing, but always memorable episodes of Ben’s burping escapades.

Sam David Parker shared with me:

“When I was a kid, I could make myself burp. Now, nearing 80, I have misplaced the ability.”

Well, our boy seems to be a spirited, and surprisingly creative child. haha

Don’t miss the full story — it’s a breath (or burp) of fresh air in the world of parenting!

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