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My Views Are Down — But It‘s Not Because Of The Summer Slump

  • 2 min read

So, I better don’t check my Stats at the moment.

I don’t check my Stats at the moment.

It’s better.

Because I know I’d see a massive dip in my views… and I simply don’t want to see it.

It would demotivate me and tear me down although my life is so exciting right now.

Kristina, so you’re experiencing the summer slump, am I right?

What’s the summer slump?

It’s the season of the year when most people are on vacation, spend more time outside, enjoy summertime, and scale back on their side hustle to spend more time with the family.

It’s a natural phenomenon I wrote a lot in the last past two years.

So, if you’re seeing a dip in your views… the summer slump could be the answer.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s my maternity leave.

I’m enjoying some quality time with family and newborn.

But I’ve huge plans and am looking forward to being back!

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