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New and Exciting Interview With Mompreneur Kristina God

  • 1 min read

“You will never feel ready!”

A few weeks back, mom of 3, blogger and author Nicole Dake asked me for an interview and I said:


Yesterday, Nicole published it… and we received already awesome feedback:

🥰“Kristina is definitely a plus for Medium and its readers/writers. I see some of her short essays while I am on the run. Her positive, upbeat attitude is infectious.” Runner Mark Krauss shared and added…

“With all the controversy over Medium and what is good or what is not good these days, she is always grounded in her views.”

🥰Coach Oraorn Srichiangwang shares:

“I love her crisp, insightful and value-packed articles.

🥰Gustave Deresse; Writer & AI Artist states:

“As advice she gives for mothers, it’s also gold in general. 🖤”

Check out Nicole’s interview with me and leave a comment to support her interview series!

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