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New Dating Terms: Do You Know What Zombieing or Oystering Is?

  • 2 min read

New dating terms you need to know about finding romance.

COVID has changed how people date.

There’s a new study by the dating app Bumble.

It reveals a bunch of new trends and terms in the dating world.

Here are the top #3 new terms:

#3 — Oystering

This term comes from the saying:

the world is an oyster.

Means, that you’re making the most of being single and exploring the dating world.

To find out what truly makes you happy.

#2 — Zombieing

Someone who ghosted you gets back in touch.

He or she is definitely a zombie you should run away from.

#1 — Untyping

I love this one.

It means you ditch your usual type in favor of something new.

You date outside your usual type — pilot, black hair, green eyes…

I think untyping can really help you to learn what your type actually is.

Are you also more open to trying new things?


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