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New Medium Prompts To Get You Writing

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and thinking.

Jolie A. Doggett offers an inspiring new space on Medium. It’s called ‘Write Here’ where you can find weekly prompts. They are simple and spark your creativity.

As far as I’m concerned, I love the joy and catharsis of writing. Therefore, my life’s motto is: ‘In love with inspiring stories💖’ — as you can see from my profile page.

screenshot by Kristina God

My writing journey started early in my childhood. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short stories.

With Tom Fenske’s ‘The Shortform’ I found a haven where I can write to the point, write down my thoughts, and teaser my long form articles.

Since I’m multi-passionate I write about parenting, writing on Medium, relationships, feminism, and social media marketing.

Medium’s inspiring community fuels my creative hunger and inspires me on a daily basis.

What’s your motto💖?

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