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New Photo Sizing Options Will Come to Medium Soon

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It will be the comeback of the year.

When Medium was launched, it offered writers tremendous flexibility while maintaining a minimalist design.

Ten years later, it’s different.

Apparently, Medium has the desire to be uniform

I know a lot of writers are still disappointed that Medium killed the photo sizing options last spring: full bleed, a full column, indent, etc. … all gone.

“It allowed for some magnificent displays. It allowed for a very different way to express a story”, Geoffrey Gevalt shared.

Good news!

Medium is bringing photo sizing options (left-aligned, outset imagery, etc.) back within the next few months.

“(T)he team is working on it right now”, Harris Sockel shared in the comments section.

Medium will announce it on its blog very soon.

A few weeks ago, I already shared that I guess it will come back because I could resize my images for a few hours.

Now we know it’s gonna happen!

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