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New Times For Writers Chasing “Followers” — There’s a New Metric

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I’m a marketing expert and build my brand part-time, I’m also asked about this.

Yesterday I found out that a creator friend is making a staggering amount of money with memberships.

He has less than 10,000 followers scattered across all social media.

Is that a lot or a little?

More often people say to me:

Kristina, you should have a lot more followers. Your content is so awesome.

I know it’s awesome.

But I stopped trying to increase my followers a long time ago.

I’m more interested in subscribers.

I have almost 4,000 of them.

I have 7,000 subscribers across all platforms.

Like my creator friend, I’m also going to focus on memberships this year.

I love the three C’s. Creativity, Community, and Content.

When I ran influencer campaigns we often looked for followers.

Today we ask for subscribers.

I build my personal brand part-time and as an “influencer” myself, I’m also asked about my subscribers.

New times!

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