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New Writers, 5 Extraordinary AI Writing Tools That Feel Like Hidden Gems for Beginners

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I bet that 99% of new writers don’t know about most of these tools.

Artificial Intelligence is about to turn the world upside down.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know how ChatGPT is shaking up businesses and content creation.

If you were looking for a sign that AI is mainstream, here it is:

photo credit: TIME photo illustration
photo credit: TIME photo illustration

In February 2023, ChatGPT was on the cover of TIME.

What most people forget…

To some degree, AI has been present in our lives for a decade now!

  • Ever used Siri on your iPhone?
  • Ever asked Google for directions?
  • Ever searched for a movie on Prime Video or Netflix?
  • Ever translated text into another language?

Content creators are amazed and scared

Most content creators are concerned about the future.

I totally get it.

New technology has always been scary.

Some have argued that ChatGPT is an “iPhone moment for AI adoption”.

For instance, when the telephone was created in 1876, people were both amazed and scared.

As the TIME sums it up perfectly:

“To create is human. For the past 300,000 years we’ve been unique in our ability to make (…) Now we have company.”

A lot of my readers have expressed a going interest in ChatGPT’s impact on writing.

Of course, you only need to go to OpenAI’s website to unlock the power of ChatGPT.

But there’s more. The pace of innovation is incredible.

There are 100s of AI tools coming out every month.

It’s hard to know which tools are genuinely useful.

Here is a good resource to get you started:

1 — There’s An AI For That — An Inventory to find AI tools

photo credit: There’s An AI For That

The first one I’d like to introduce to you is There’s An AI For That.

It’s an inventory to let you find new AI tools for every task

To date, the site enlists around 2,500 AI tools for 580 tasks.

Just search for “Writing”, and you’ll get a bunch of AI tools recommended.

Try it for free.

2 — Chat by — The antidote to Writer’s Block

photo credit: Chat by

Chat by is the smarter ChatGPT and is designed to be an antidote to writer’s block

Plus, it helps you get more done.

It can for instance…

  • scrape websites for public data
  • provides templates across various content types such as blogs, ads, sales, websites, and social media
  • generate personalized copy
  • summarize YouTube videos into key bullet points
  • provide translations into 25 languages.

Try it for free.

3 — LongShot — For Long Form content

photo credit; LongShot AI

LongShot is a writing assistant for accurate and optimized content creation.

It can help you to…

  • create long-form content
  • create SEO (search engine optimized) content
  • create blog content from the basic idea to
  • research keywords
  • fact-check

Bonus: You can use LongShot’s Medium integration to export your blog posts to and from your Medium Content Management system:

Try LongShot for free.

4 — Rephrase AI — Quick and Easy Way To Create Videos

photo credit: Rephrase AI

You can use Rephrase AI to convert your “boring” text into highly engaging videos within minutes.

You can use these videos either for your (faceless) YouTube channel, or TikTok, or include them in your Medium stories for all visual learners.

You can…

  • chose a template and avatar
  • change the background, add music and video files
  • add your content
  • export the video

Try Rephrase AI for free.

5 — Hypotenuse AI — Batch Content Creation Help

photo credit: Hypotenuse AI/Rise with AI

Hypotenuse AI helps you to create unique copywriting and visual content.

Plus, Hypotenuse helps you to batch-create your content.

You don’t create one piece at a time anymore. The AI helps you to create several pieces of content (long form and short form) from one piece you’ve written/you’re in the middle of writing.

It can also help you to create…

  • headlines, slogans
  • Google and Facebook ads
  • Instagram captions

Try Hypotenuse AI for free.

Bottom Line and New Video

We are in the infancy stages of what this cutting-edge tech is about to become.

However, you can leverage AI already to create better content — of course, only if you’re ready for it and want to give it a try.

This doesn’t mean you have to incorporate AI into your daily writing workflow, it only means to experiment with it a bit as I do.

Keep in mind that AI can be our partner and assistant in the content creation process and requires our human guidance.

The better our prompts and inputs are. The better the output.

Plus, the human mind has emotions that AI doesn’t have (yet).

Since a lot of my readers have expressed a going interest in ChatGPT’s impact on writing, I took a webinar from the Content Marketing Institute and experimented with the highly hyped ChatGPT a lot.

Spoiler alert: It’s been a blast. I’m impressed with how good AI already is.

To save you time and energy, here’s my free tutorial for you:

I can’t wait to get your thoughts on AI and content creation!

P.S. No worries! This story is 100% written by me. A human with a beating heart. I only inform you about these tools because you might want to check them out. I play around with them a bit to get to know them too.

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