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New Writers, Claps Are Gone

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and here’s why.

Claps are a motivation and morale booster.

Claps on Medium show us how much our readers liked a story.

When someone gives me 50x claps I do my happy dance.

You clap 50x times, I do my happy dance;

Before you go maniac on Medium, read this.

I know a lot of you, dear new writers, see ZERO claps and ZERO applause — although this feels sooo good.

You may be wondering:

What is happening with Medium? Are claps gone forever?

Yes, you’re not alone.

So, stop scratching your head.

Before you go maniac on Medium, I have all the news you need to know about Medium’s beloved motivation boost that is apparently gone.

This is so bizarre.

The moment Medium enrolled its new audio feature called Speechify last week, my claps were gone.

Here’s the proof.

Moreover, a lot of writers reached out to me in panic.

Are Medium’s claps gone? Like forever?

I send an email to Medium’s Support for help.

No answer.

I checked what happened when I read a story and left 50x claps.

Sometimes I could see them, sometimes they disappeared or I couldn’t clap at all.

Bizarre, isn’t it?

New audio feature enrolled and claps gone.

Since I didn’t get any feedback from Medium, I wrote a short-form piece about it to ask the community with 74 comments (and X claps, I can’t see them ;)).

Apparently, a lot of writers could relate, commented, and left me claps I couldn’t see 😉

New writer VRITANT said:

Cleared cache memory, checked if there was any update that was pending, tried logging out and then logging in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app…

Others said they wouldn't have to face these issues.

Their claps would still be visible and they would also see my clap count.

Medium’s Support team finally replied.

After sending a follow-up email, our friends at Medium replied:

There are several data pipelines that build your clap counts and fans in various places, and it can take time for those to all resolve to the final count.

I made screenshots with the links to my articles and waited.

The other day, I send another follow-up email and received this answer:

This is a caching issue of the data pipeline. What is happening is that you are seeing a cache of the clap counts from a certain moment in time. It is most noticeable when the cache is the point of publish, when there are no claps.

Medium’s Support is working on this issue to speed up the cache expiration and heal all counts faster.

In fact, if you visit Medium’s Help Center there’s a notification saying that they are currently issues showing the clap counts.


  • It’s a data pipeline delay issue
  • no data is being lost.
  • The clap counts do resolve to their correct counts.

I felt relieved and so here’s the good news for you:

We don’t have to wave goodbye to this wonderful feature! It’s just another bug Medium needs to fix.

Final takeaways

James Marinero stated:

I was wondering where my claps had gone! The start of a month is always a bad time in the IT world. Updates!

Looks like this problem is taking time before it gets resolved.

I know it’s hard but have some patience.

I never realized how much I love them until they were gone. Claps are morale boosters. I’ll never take them for granted again. Natasha Nichole Lake

The only constant on Medium is change, dear new writers.

I’m here to help you whenever you feel stuck.

© Kristina God — the Medium Goddess

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