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New Writers, Do You Know Medium’s Free Starter Pack?

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to publish your work, gain 100+ followers, and get started earning money

You’ve decided to write on Medium. That’s great. Congratulations!

In order to become a member of the Medium Partner Program and get paid for your stories, you first need 100 followers.

There are many ways to build an audience and earn money on Medium.

But where to start?

Buy an online course? Read all the advice from Top Writers you can get or learn all the basics by trial and error?

Here’s the shortcut most writers don’t have a clue about — and by no means exhaustive.

Medium offers their new writers a Medium Starter Pack.

Medium’s Starter Kit

Screenshot of Medium’s Starter Pack Article with links to the content library.
screenshot by Kristina God

On Medium’s blog ‘Medium Creators’ you can find tips, tricks, and tools for Medium creators.

One newly launched tool is Medium’s Starter Kit for newbies on this platform.

It’s a very helpful guide, especially if you are new to the platform and trying to find your way.

It covers, for instance:

It’s ‘your one-stop-shop for writing on Medium’.

We’ve gathered some of the most useful resources, advice, and inspiration for writing on Medium. This is a good place to start, and by no means exhaustive. Medium

Here’s the toolbox:

What you’ll like about Medium’s Starter Pack:

  • you can drop them a line in the comments and ask Medium to add more resources.
  • Medium put a comprehensive list of articles in ONE article. You can quickly find the areas you are looking for and click on the link to the article you’re interested in
  • definitely list-worthy. Now we have no excuse for not knowing something 🙂 as Justiss Goode commented

Final Takeaways

Ready to start earning money, writing about what you love, and building an audience?

What are you waiting for?

All that’s left to do is check out Medium’s Creators Hub and their free Starter Kit.

What is your biggest struggle or question? I’m happy to support you.

© Kristina God

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