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New Writers, Don’t Post and Ghost — Better Reply To Comments (Religiously)

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It’s all about cultivating relationships with your audience — no matter how huge or small

Recently, I had an experience with a new writer and coachee that shook me up.

Earlier this year, this new writer approached me for help getting his online writing business off the ground on Medium.

I loved that he wanted to make it a business and make money.

Often people come to me and say they’re just writing for fun, for the love of writing…. blah…

Don’t get me wrong… but almost always, after a few months, when the traffic goes up and the income increases… they want more.

And why?

Because They’ve Experienced That They Can Really Make Money Writing Online

That’s the best feeling in the world, knowing you can make money doing something you’re passionate about.

Plus, you can earn some extra money on the side.

Let’s get back to this new writer who asked me for help.

He had read my free Medium Kickstarter Guide and wanted personal advice.

Based on his stories, background, and vision, we exchanged several emails, and his Medium stories got better and better.

At one point, I suggested he continue and get back to me once he had built a library of content (at least 50 to 100 (short) stories).

He did as I suggested, and his stories showed up frequently in my feed.

I Was Thrilled With Him

One day, I clicked on one of his posts about #Technology to see how his engagement was going.


It was doing pretty well.

He got 6 comments and more than 800 claps.

But wait a minute… that post was 7 days old, and he hadn’t responded to a single one yet.

So I looked at some of his other posts, mostly about #Technology and #Programming but also some personal stories about his crazy family life as a dad.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

No replies to the comments he had received.

I Tell You, New Writer, Never Post And Ghost

You don’t have to reply immediately or answer everyone, but you definitely have to come back to the post you shared, see how it performs, and check your replies.

Don’t post and ghost!

That’s one of my main tips for writers who are just starting out on Medium.

So I sent him an email and asked:

When someone takes the time to comment on your post, what’s your move?

He replied:

Reply to the comment and engage??

YES! Absolutely right!

But Why the Heck Wasn’t He Following This Simple Rule?

9–5 job, busy weekends, family, other projects…

Being in the same boat, I said that I understood his situation but would recommend that he take one day a week to go through recent posts and respond to comments.

He was concerned that this would negatively impact his views and revenue since he could only write for a few hours three days a week.

I asked him to trust me because the opposite would be true.

He would see that his numbers and revenues would go up, not down.

So he did as I advised, and lo and behold, his revenues continued to increase even though he was publishing fewer articles.

He was very happy with the results and loved interacting with his audience.

His follower base grew immediately because he really took the time to answer questions, just say thank you, connect with that person or link to another article for more information.

After All, Medium Is Social Media. You Have to Be Social

Don’t just leave your followers and readers hanging in the digital wind.

Don’t post and ghost.

Responding to comments has always been a smart strategy on all social media platforms where I’ve created and shared content — for myself or (as a marketer) for other brands and businesses.

Bottom Line

It’s all about cultivating relationships with your audience.

And now, with this story, there’s solid information to prove that responding to comments on your posts gives them a boost.

When you receive a comment, seize the opportunity to interact, reply, and even connect on Mastodon, Twitter, or Substack for a deeper conversation in a DM or chat.

You never know when that connection might lead to a potential customer, a true fan, or a good writing buddy.

Remember, social media is about making connections, and it’s an essential part of growing your presence on Medium.

When someone takes the time to comment on your post, what’s your move?

Grab the free Medium Kickstarter Guide for new writers right now!

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