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New Writers, Earn $6,000 per Month in Passive Income With Online Courses

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If you write on Medium, you can also create and sell an online course. I’ll share my story and 3 WOW-worthy testimonials.

Guess what, new writer?

You only have to be one step ahead of the majority of the population in a subject in order to teach it.

So, why not turn the skills you already have and the things you already know and love into a sustainable, income-generating machine?

In 6 years, my husband and business partner Patrick God went from ground zero to $6,000+ monthly revenue with online courses.

Here’s the proof:

Patrick God overview earnings 2016 to 2023

It’s mainly passive income

The cool thing about passive income is that you can literally earn money while you sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, writing on Medium is nice but it’s only one source of income for me.

You can definitely earn passive income on this platform but you definitely have to pump out content on a regular basis.

You can’t just write 1–2 stories per quarter (although some Top Writers recommend it) and that’s it.

With creating online courses it’s different.

“The cool part is this is mainly passive income.

This means the work I’ve done in the past continues to generate revenue month after month without me doing anything.

I wish more people knew about the opportunities that are out there and believed it is possible for them as well to generate an extra income online.” Patrick God

Of course, you have to update your courses or create new ones, but the creation cycles are much shorter than on Medium.

That’s why I want to show you what’s possible when you’re already creating content on Medium.

Here’s what my hubby and I do

My husband and I run an online business together. The God’s joined forces. haha

Besides writing on Medium, I created a “Medium Kickstarter BootCamp” for new Medium writers and “The Online Course Lab” to learn all steps to create your first online course. Both courses are hosted on a platform called Podia.

Both courses are cohort-based. This means there’s a community experience and people can connect with like-minded people.

At the moment, both cohorts are closed for enrollment but I offer free tutorials about Medium and creating online courses on my brand new YouTube channel.

My husband is a Udemy instructor with 80,000 students. He’s sharing software development tutorials.

Udemy is a marketplace where you can offer your courses and Udemy promotes them for you.

In addition, Patrick is hosting a brand new BootCamp on Thinkific.

How we do it

I offer Starter Courses for beginners.

What’s this?

A “Starter Course” teaches the basics of a topic you love and are passionate about.

Medium Kickstarter BootCamp 2022 on Podia, Kristina God

Duration of the video content: 1–5 hours

Price point: $100-$300

Patrick offers “Spotlight Courses” as well as “Signature Courses”.

The .Net Web Academy is a “Spotlight Course”. It promises a special outcome — you can attend and level up your skills or even get your first or a new job.

Duration of the video content: 2–12 hours

Price point: $300-$500 will start soon on Thinkific (closed but you can get on the waitlist)

The next level is a “Signature Course” in which you share laser-focused premium content with your students.

Duration of the video content: 5–20 hours

Price point: $500-$2,000+

Start small

If you’d like to create an online course in 2023, I’m cheering you on.

Start small and create a “Starter Course” for instance by republishing content you already have from Medium or a book you’ve self-published.

3 WOW-worthy examples from the Medium community to inspire you

Linda Locke

My friend and alumna Linda Locke created a course called “Getting Visible on Medium”.

photo credit: Linda Locke “Getting Visible on Medium”

In her Starter Course for $129, you can get the cure for invisibility on Medium.

JoAnne Wallis took the course and shared:

photo credit: screenshot from article

Click here for more information.

Jenny Alexander

Jenny Alexander shared with me her Starter Course for only $27.

It’s about setting boundaries post-divorce.

photo credit: website Jenny Alexander

To check it out, go here.

In 2022, Jenny also self-published “Divorce Recovery Handbook: Effective Strategies for Healing”.


I bet Jenny repurposed a lot.

Julianne Buchler

Julianne Buchler is in the middle of creating an online course based on her book “Flip the Fear of Public Speaking”.

photo credit: Julianne Writes

Go here for more.

Time for inspir-ACTION!

Of course, now you’d like to know where to start and what to do, am I right?

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

In my brand new YouTube tutorial I show the 4 steps to create a successful and money-making online course as a beginner in 2023:

Do you want to create an online course or would like my feedback or promotion? Leave a comment!

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