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New Writers! Here Are The Top 100 Winners🥳

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Are you one of the Medium Writers Challenge winners?

Since I knew that a lot of you, new writers, have joined Medium because of the Medium Writers Challenge🏆, I wanted to inform you quickly about the latest update I received.

I reached out to Medium Help Center and received this message at around 6 p.m.:

The team is building the announcement now, and it will be in the next few hours at

While writing this text, the announcement already happened on Twitter!

screenshot by Kristina God

…. and Jermaine Hall, VP, Content at Medium, announced the winners on Medium’s official blog

Here’s the list of winners for the four prompts🥳

Are you one of them?

Each Top 100 winner will receive $100!

Here are 4 winning essays you need to read

(More experienced)winners from my network I want to congratulate:

Ali HallWhen Two Of My Worlds Collide In One Contained Space” 🏆 — inspiring essay!

Medium Top Writer Jessica WildfireHow To Keep a Dead Cat In Your Freezer” 🏆 — check this out!

Kelly EdenAt 40, I Was Scared to Enter the Dating Pool Again” 🏆 — loved this story!

Elizabeth DawberWhat Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?” — beautiful piece!

Tell me about your thoughts!

© Kristina God

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