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New Writers, Here’s How To Jumpstart Your Writing On Medium In 7 Days

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A step-by-step guide to getting 100 followers easily, earning money, and having fun. Learn from one of Medium’s Top 1,000 Writers.

Welcome to Medium!

You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions right now.

Where to start? How to write a post? What to write about? What’s curation?

Just like any other social media platform, the blogging platform Medium requires a bit of getting used to.

You need to get familiar with the unique Story Editor. There are tags (=labels) to worry about, and around 20,000 publications you can submit your articles to.

Overwhelming? Yes, I feel you. I’ve been where you are before.

It’s incredible what one year of writing can do. I started on Medium from scratch and developed my portfolio from the ground up.

No worries! Here’s help.

This article has got you covered. It saves you a lot of energy, money, worries, and time for what matters most:

your writing. ✍🏻

Writing is a beautiful work of art that will make you feel more deeply than you’re ready to.

So, let’s dive right in and talk about your first steps on Medium!

Your 7 Day Medium Jumpstart Blogging Guide

Young men with backpack jumpig on a mountain to sunrise.
Photo by Cam Adams on Unsplash

Whenever you want to build something big, you first need to start small and actually jump into the unknown.

Within the last past months, I’ve supported several new writers to kickstart their success on Medium.

From my individual coaching sessions, I know that the first impression matters for most new writers.

Meaning, your first posts, and actions will set the stage for your profile and pave the way for your first followers and claps (=likes).

Follow first — I know, your goal is to reach 100 followers. You want to reach this milestone fast in order to start earning money through Medium’s Partner Program.

If you follow my lead, I bet you can get your first 100 followers within your first two (to three) weeks on Medium.

As new writer Connor Dowlin exclaims in his success story (and no, he is not a player. He didn’t play the follow-unfollow or follow-for-follow game):

I’ve reached a hundred followers in only 10 days! Yay!

If Connor can do it, you can do it too.

So, let’s go!

(PS: This is really meant as a low-pressure invite, guys. Sometimes a 7 Day Blogging Guide can feel like pressure.

Especially, if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me, try thinking of it as a 7 Steps Blogging Guide. One step at a time.

I didn’t do all this within one week. But I would if I could go back in time. Especially if I had no responsibilities (I have a baby boy in the house) I would put more effort into jumpstarting my success on Medium.)

Day 1: Setting up a Medium profile that commands respect

  • Create your Medium profile with a nice avatar and interesting bio.
screenshot by Kristina God
  • Customize your interest and follow several tags/topics you like in order to get stories you truly want to read in your newsfeed.
screenshot by Kristina God

Day 2: Create your first story

screenshot by Kristina God
  • Learn how to write compelling headlines and subheadlines with these 3 simple questions:
  • Learn what curation is, how to get your story curated by Medium’s editors, and become a Curation Champion:
  • Become familiar with tags (=labels) to know which tags are popular and eligible for Top Writer status:

Day 3: Ask to be added as a writer and immerse into the Medium universe

  • Use Medium’s tag pages to search for publications that have the right target audience for your content and read articles from other writers.
  • Clap (up to 50 times) and leave nice comments.
  • Follow writers you like, for instance, me or my publication for new writers to stay up to date and get freebies:
  • Read the Submission Guidelines of the publications you want to be a part of and ask to be added as a writer. (It will take up to three days to be added as a writer.)

👉🏻Pro tip I: Here are 4 publications for new writers I recommend:

👉🏻Pro tip II: I’m the community manager of The Shortform if you want to write short form pieces of 150 words or less. I’ll add you:

Day 4: Open your own publication

Here’s the news about the new power of indie writers and publications death:

Here’s a how-to-guide to open your own publication:

  • As soon as you’ve built your own publication, write your first post. Keep in mind: Longer isn’t always better. You can also (just) write a short form post of 150 words or less.

👉🏻Pro tip I: I love writing short form pieces and I recommend it to my students and followers. Around 300 of my 450 articles written are short form articles. Some of them even went viral. Anything is possible as long as you hit publish and don’t over-edit and overthink the whole process of writing.

Learn more about why it’s smart for new writers to write short form posts:

… and don’t forget to hit publish 😄.

👉🏻Pro tip II: There’s one specific tag (=label) to use when you hit publish for the very first time. This can help you get promoted by Medium’s editors:

Day 5: Submit your story to a publication and get relational

  • As soon as you’ve been added by a publication you can submit a story.

Here is an easy step-by-step-guide how to do it:

Please keep in mind that it takes up to three days to get your story published.

If you choose one of my recommended publications then it usually takes around one to two days.

  • Write your next story for your publication and/or another publication you’ve been added as a writer.
  • Take a look at the publications you want to be added as a writer, submit your stories to, and connect with like-minded writers. Read their work, clap up to 50 times (I always clap 50 times if I like a story), and leave a thoughtful comment.
  • If you’ve already received your first claps and/or comments on your posts, respond to it.

👉🏻Pro tip I: Relating to others drives your success. Meaning, when you comment, clap and mention others, your views increase.

Here’s an example of new writer Alicia Domínguez who is part of my Bootcamp:

Crazy stats (…). Not bad considering I haven’t posted anything for a week, but commenting and highlighting people’s work instead. Alicia Domínguez

I’ve learned Medium rewards when you engage with others:

Also, Connor Dowlin, who I mentioned in the intro of my article, says:

I’ve seemed to have gained 10 followers a day just by reading and leaving comments.

30 minutes to an hour seems to be a good daily time frame to allocate to help other writers.

👉🏻Pro tip II: You are not only a writer on this platform. You are also a community manager. This is crucial for your success.
Here’s more:

Day 6: Set the foundation to amplify and promote your stories beyond Medium

Promoting your articles via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, or whatever channel you prefer is crucial.

Even Ev Williams, CEO of Medium, and his team recommend doing it.

Twitter is my preferred channel.

  • Promote your articles via Twitter: Set up your Twitter account. Use the same Avatar and bio you use on Medium to get things started.
  • Share your first articles via Twitter.

Good to know! CEO of Medium, Ev Williams, is co-founder of Twitter.

👉🏻Pro tip I: Make sure to use the best hashtag for new writers to use:

👉🏻Pro tip II: Discover other Medium writers you already follow with this super easy to use Medium feature and connect your accounts:

👉🏻Pro tip III: Similar to Medium, Twitter’s algorithm also loves engagement.

Whenever you read an interesting article or there’s a quote that touches you, tweet it.

The writer will get a notification and most likely connect with you.
Here’s how I gained 500 followers within 90 days:

👉🏻By the way, let’s connect on Twitter!

Day 7: Introduce yourself to the Medium community

My final tip for day 7:

Introduce yourself, express excitement about being part of the community in an article, and pin this story in your Medium profile.

I’m XY and I’m excited to be on Medium! This is what you need to know about me.

About Me Stories by Quy Ma is dedicated to short autobiographies:

Introducing yourself to another individual or group of individuals is essential to establish who you are, your credibility, and why you are there. Quy Ma, owner

Hint: The Shortform, as well as Coffee Times by Winston, also offers the possibility to introduce yourself to the community.

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Bravo! Congrats! 50 Claps!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Now you’re all set.

Final Takeaways

As I said at the beginning of my article, this article is really meant as a low-pressure invite, guys.

Try thinking of it as a 7 Steps Blogging Guide to jumpstart your success on Medium.

Take one step at a time.

Let’s make a deal.

Follow my lead and let me know when you’ve reached 100 followers.

Whenever you want to build something big, you first need to start small and actually jump into the unknown.

What are you waiting for?

Jumpstart your success on Medium.

PS: I’m excited to hear from you. Is there anything missing? Do you have further questions and need more guidance? Please leave a comment.

© Kristina God

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