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New Writers, How You Can Make Time To Build Your Dream Writing Business

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Don’t escape your life. Create your life.

I still remember an article I read by Tom Handy in which he explains how he carves out time for his online writing.

It’s in the evening.

Instead of watching TV, he writes.

If I reflect on my writing journey, it’s similar.

When I got my baby boy last year, I stopped binge-watching Netflix in the evening.

Time is just too valuable when you have a family.

Soon, I realized that I gained more mental clarity on what I really really want in life.

It’s freedom.

The slight edge

Jeff Olson’s ‘The slight edge’ is an awesome book that reminds us that small, incremental steps over time are how we build success.

In fact, eleven months ago, when I started writing on Medium, I also started CREATING instead of CONSUMING in the evening.

Sitting down and putting pen to paper, writing about my life as a new mom, my monster-in-law, my relationship with a narcissist, and about things I love as well as kind feedback motivated me to keep the ball rolling.

In April, I started taking writing on Medium seriously and received my first $500 bonus.

I surfed the crest of the bonus waves and received in total four bonuses.

Moreover, I became Top Writer in 17 categories which helped me to become more searchable on Medium.

I earn around $600 per month on Medium.

This all has happened because I built a daily writing habit many new writers are desperately looking for such as Ruchi Gucci who reached out to me via email and said:

I struggle to stay motivated and write every day.

Yes, Ruchi.

It’s true.

Small, incremental steps over time are how I build my success on this platform and so can you!

How you can carve out time

Let me start by saying:

If I can do it with a small baby in the house, I’m absolutely sure you can do it too.

As a (new) mom, you work 24/7. It’s a permanent crunchtime.

Often I hear (younger) people without kids saying:

I don’t have time.

Yes, you have! You have plenty of time.

I don’t have time either. As a mom I MAKE time.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results.

My tiger time

Here’s how my evening — I call it tiger time (some moms call it wine time, because they flop on the couch, drink wine and watch Netflix) — looks like:

5 p.m. — Family dinner with my husband and baby boy.

6 p.m. —We dress our baby his PJ and brush his teeth.

6:30 p.m. — I’m taking a shower.

7 p.m. — I read a good night story to my baby and put my baby to bed.

7:30 p.m. — My tiger time starts!

As soon as I put my baby to bed, I don’t have to worry that much anymore (unless he wakes up before midnight).

I’m more relaxed.

As soon as I’m in the flow and in a good groove, I write I read, do some research and write, write, write about what I love

11:00 p.m.  I write until my eyes droop. My tiger time normally ends before midnight.

This means around three to four hours of tiger time per day.

I made this time my non-negotiable.

Of course, I have to negotiate with my baby often and I also spend quality time with my husband, especially at the weekend.

Still, we have a house rule:

No TV.

No Netflix.

Instead of consuming, I’m creating in the evening at least for half an hour to write a short form post.

Final Takeaways

Pay attention to what you fill your evening with.

  • Do you watch a series on Netflix, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime Video?
  • Are you on your smartphone?

Well, this might explain why you haven't built or grown the online business of your dreams — YET.

You have plenty of time. You can definitely MAKE the time to write.

Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong (…) by thinking about it.

They did it. as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said.

Habits move us forward.

Try to replace binge-watching Netflix with writing.

This can relax you too. Writing can be meditative.

I’m sure the extra work in the evening will show results soon and…

… you’ll have a life of freedom in a few years.

© Kristina God

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